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Wise Soul Nebula
WISE Soul Nebula
04.2010 -- This WISE mosaic is of the Soul Nebula (a.k.a. the Embryo Nebula, IC 1848, or W5). It is an open cluster of stars surrounded by a cloud of dust and gas over 150 light-years across and located about 6,500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cassiopeia, near the Heart Nebula.
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IBEX observations
Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) Observations
10.2009 -- IBEX has made the first direct observations of interstellar neutral atoms-hydrogen and oxygen atoms drifting in from the interstellar medium outside of our heliosphere.
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GALAX Jupiter's Ghost
GALAX “Jupiter’s Ghost”
4.2009 - This ultraviolet image from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows NGC 3242, a planetary nebula frequently referred to as “Jupiter’s Ghost.” The unfortunate name of “planetary nebula” for this class of celestial object is a historical legacy credited to William Herschel during the 18th century - a time when telescopes where small and objects like these, at least the central region, looked very similar to gas-giant planets such as Saturn and Jupiter.
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