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06.05.17 – NASA’s Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft a Discovery Machine
NASA’s Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) mission has released its third year of survey data, with the spacecraft discovering 97 previously unknown celestial objects in the last year.

06.01.17 – NASA to Launch First-Ever Neutron-Star Mission
Nearly 50 years after British astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell discovered the existence of rapidly spinning neutron stars, NASA will launch the world’s first mission devoted to studying these unusual objects.

05.26.17 – New NASA Mission to Study Mysterious Neutron Stars, Aid in Deep Space Navigation
A new NASA mission is headed for the International Space Station next month to observe one of the strangest observable objects in the universe.

05.09.17 – Merging Galaxies Have Enshrouded Black Holes
Black holes get a bad rap in popular culture for swallowing everything in their environments.

04.24.17 – NASA’s Cassini, Voyager Missions Suggest New Picture of Sun’s Interaction with Galaxy
New data from NASA’s Cassini mission, combined with measurements from the two Voyager spacecraft and NASA’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, suggests that our sun and planets are surrounded by a giant, rounded system of magnetic field from the sun – calling into question the alternate view of the solar magnetic fields trailing behind the sun in the shape of a long comet tail.

03.27.17 – NuSTAR Probes Puzzling Galaxy Merger
A supermassive black hole inside a tiny galaxy is challenging scientists’ ideas about what happens when two galaxies become one.

03.23.17 – Andromeda’s Bright X-Ray Mystery Solved by NuSTAR
The Milky Way’s close neighbor, Andromeda, features a dominant source of high-energy X-ray emission, but its identity was mysterious until now.

03.20.17 – NASA’s Swift Mission Maps a Star’s ‘Death Spiral’ into a Black Hole
Some 290 million years ago, a star much like the sun wandered too close to the central black hole of its galaxy.

03.17.17 – NASA Satellites Ready When Stars and Planets Align
The movements of the stars and the planets have almost no impact on life on Earth, but a few times per year, the alignment of celestial bodies has a visible effect.

03.01.17 – NuSTAR Spots Temperature Swings of Black Hole Winds
For the first time, scientists have measured rapidly varying temperatures in hot gas emanating from around a black hole.

02.28.17 – NuSTAR Helps Find Universe’s Brightest Pulsars
There’s a new record holder for brightest pulsar ever found — and astronomers are still trying to figure out how it can shine so brightly.

02.21.17 – 10 Years Strong with NASA’s THEMIS Mission
On Feb. 17, 2017, NASA’s Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms, or THEMIS, mission marked its 10th anniversary in space.

02.15.17 – NASA-funded Website Lets Public Search for New Nearby Worlds
NASA is inviting the public to help search for possible undiscovered worlds in the outer reaches of our solar system and in neighboring interstellar space.

01.31.17 – NuSTAR Helps Solve ‘Rapid Burster’ Mystery
Scientists observing a neutron star in the “Rapid Burster” system may have solved a 40-year-old mystery surrounding its puzzling X-ray bursts.

01.24.17 – NuSTAR Finds New Clues to ‘Chameleon Supernova’
“We’re made of star stuff,” astronomer Carl Sagan famously said.

01.07.17 – Black Holes Hide in Our Cosmic Backyard
Monster black holes sometimes lurk behind gas and dust, hiding from the gaze of most telescopes.

01.03.17 – NASA Selects Mission to Study Black Holes, Cosmic X-ray Mysteries
NASA has selected a science mission that will allow astronomers to explore, for the first time, the hidden details of some of the most extreme and exotic astronomical objects, such as stellar and supermassive black holes, neutron stars and pulsars.