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In the News – Year 2014

12.28.14 – The NACA's Space Legacy

12.22.14 – Sun Sizzles in High-Energy X-Rays

12.22.14 – NASA Takes Giant Leaps on the Journey to Mars, Eyes Our Home Planet and the Distant Universe, Tests Technologies and Improves the Skies Above in 2014

12.18.14 – NASA's IMAGE and Cluster Missions Reveal Origin of Theta Auroras

12.16.14 – NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

12.15.14 – NASA's Fermi Mission Brings Deeper Focus to Thunderstorm Gamma-rays

11.20.14 – Swift Marks 10 Years of Game-changing Astrophysics

11.20.14 – NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Ionospheric Connection Explorer

11.20.14 – Working life extensions for ESA's science missions

11.19.14 – Swift Probes an Exotic Object: ‘Kicked’ Black Hole or Mega Star?

11.19.14 – NASA's Swift Satellite Marks 10 Years of Game-changing Astrophysics

11.17.14 – NASA's Swift Mission Probes an Exotic Object: ‘Kicked’ Black Hole or Mega Star?

11.13.14 – NASA X-ray Telescopes Find Black Hole May Be a Neutrino Factory

11.12.14 – ICON Cleared for Next Development Phase

11.07.14 – NASA's TESS Mission Cleared for Next Development Phase

10.31.14 – NASA Reveals Mysteries of ‘Interstellar’ Space

10.21.14 – Fermi Finds Starquake Hints in Magnetar ‘Storm’

10.16.14 – NASA's IRIS Helps Explain Mysterious Heating of Solar Atmosphere

10.15.14 – Slow-Growing Galaxies Offer Window to Early Universe

10.14.14 – Slow-Growing Galaxies Offer Window to Early Universe

10.08.14 – NASA's NuSTAR Telescope Discovers Shockingly Bright Dead Star

10.08.14 – Suspected Black Hole Unmasked as Ultraluminous Pulsar

10.08.14 – Nimbus: NASA Remembers First Earth Observations

10.01.14 – Sounding Rocket Launches Successfully - Six Minutes to Study Solar Heating

09.30.14 – Swift Mission Observes Mini Star's Mega-Flares

09.29.14 – NASA's Swift Mission Observes Mega Flares from a Mini Star

09.17.14 – NASA Releases IRIS Footage of X-class Flare

09.17.14 – Mystery of rare 5-hour space explosion explained with help from US/Russia and US/UK/Italy satellites

09.16.14 – Pulse of a Dead Star Powers Intense Gamma Rays

08.27.14 – INTEGRAL catches dead star exploding in a blaze of glory

08.14.14 – NASA Scientist to Discuss “The Moody Sun” at Library of Congress Lecture

08.12.14 – NASA's NuSTAR Sees Rare Blurring of Black Hole Light

07.31.14 – NuSTAR Celebrates Two Years of Science in Space

07.31.14 – NASA's Fermi Satellite Finds Hints of Starquakes in Magnetar ’Storm’

07.23.14 – NEOWISE Spots a Comet That Looked Like an Asteroid

07.22.14 – NASA's Fermi Finds A ‘Transformer’ Pulsar

07.11.14 – Out of An Hours-long Explosion, A Stand-In For The First Stars

07.03.14 – Comet Pan-STARRS Marches Across the Sky

07.02.14 – Iron ‘Fingerprints’ Point Astronomers to Supernova Suspects

06.27.14 – NASA's IRIS Solar Observatory After 1 Year in Space

06.19.14 – NASA's Swift Satellite Tallies Water Production of Mars-bound Comet

06.09.14 – Asteroid Discovered by NASA Passes Earth Safely

06.03.14 – Black Hole ‘Batteries’ Keep Blazars Going and Going

05.30.14 – A First for NASA's IRIS: Observing Gigantic Eruption of Solar Material

05.27.14 – Swift satellite gets ringing endorsement from NASA

05.22.14 – NASA's WISE Findings Poke Hole in Black Hole ‘Doughnut’ Theory

04.25.14 – NASA's Spitzer and WISE Telescopes Find Close, Cold Neighbor of Sun

04.24.14 – NASA's BARREL Returns Successful from Antarctica

04.23.14 – NEOWISE Resumes Science Data Collection

04.16.14 – Unexpected Teleconnections in Noctilucent Clouds

04.10.14 – Appearance of Night-Shining Clouds Has Increased

04.03.14 – Fermi Data Tantalize With New Clues To Dark Matter

03.26.14 – The Search for Seeds of Black Holes

03.07.14 – NASA's WISE Survey Finds Thousands of New Stars, But No ‘Planet X’

03.06.14 – NASA's THEMIS Discovers New Process that Protects Earth from Space Weather

02.24.14 – INTEGRAL Announcement of Opportunity (AO-12)

02.21.14 – NASA's IRIS Spots Its Largest Solar Flare

02.20.14 – With A Deadly Embrace, ‘Spidery’ Pulsars Consume Their Mates

02.19.14 – RXTE Reveals the Cloudy Cores of Active Galaxies

02.19.14 – NASA's NuSTAR Untangles Mystery of How Stars Explode

02.13.14 – NASA Hosts Media Teleconference About Supernovas

02.13.14 – NASA's IBEX Helps Paint Picure of the Magnetic System Beyond the Solar Wind

02.06.14 – A BARREL of Fun in Antarctica

02.04.14 – NASA-funded Science Balloons Launch in Antarctica

01.30.14 – NASA-Sponsored ‘Disk Detective’ Lets Public Search for New Planetary Nurseries

01.29.14 – Where the Wild Stars Are

01.28.14 – NASA Preparing for 2014 Comet Watch at Mars

01.24.14 – Spacecraft Take Aim at Nearby Supernova

01.23.14 – NEOWISE Celebrates First Month of Operations After Reactivation

01.23.14 – NASA Spacecraft Take Aim at Nearby Supernova

01.18.14 – NASA Preparing for 2014 Comet Watch at Mars

01.09.14 – Dead Star and Distant Black Holes Dazzle in X-Rays

01.07.14 – NASA's Swift Catches X-ray Action at Milky Way's Center

01.07.14 – Recently Reactivated NASA Spacecraft Spots Its First New Asteroid

01.06.14 – NASA's Fermi Makes First Gamma-ray Study of a Gravitational Lens

01.02.14 – More BARREL Balloons Take to the Skies