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NASA's WISE Spacecraft Discovers Most Luminous Galaxy in Universe

NASA Selects Proposals to Study Neutron Stars, Black Holes and More

07.30.15 – NASA has selected five proposals submitted to its Explorers Program to conduct focused scientific investigations and develop instruments that fill the scientific gaps between the agency's larger missions.

The selected proposals, three Astrophysics Small Explorer missions and two Explorer Missions of Opportunity, will study polarized X-ray emissions from neutron star-black hole binary systems, the exponential expansion of space in the early universe, galaxies in the early universe, and star formation in our Milky Way galaxy.

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Explorers News Continues

07.30.15NASA Selects Proposals to Study Neutron Stars, Black Holes…
07.09.15NASA's Swift Reveals a Black Hole Bull's-eye
07.08.15Searing Sun Seen in X-rays
07.08.15NASA Data Shows Surfer-shaped Waves in Near-Earth Space
07.06.15NuSTAR Stares Deep into Hidden Lairs of Black Holes
06.30.15NASA Missions Monitor a Waking Black Hole
06.25.15Can Planets Be Rejuvenated Around Dead Stars?
06.17.15Moon Engulfed in Permanent, Lopsided, Dust Cloud
06.12.15NASA, University Researchers Discuss Search for Life in Solar…
06.03.15Charting the Milky Way From the Inside Out

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The mission of the Explorers Program is to provide frequent flight opportunities for world-class scientific investigations from space utilizing innovative, streamlined and efficient management approaches within the heliophysics and astrophysics science areas.

The program seeks to enhance public awareness of, and appreciation for, space science and to incorporate educational and public outreach activities as integral parts of space science investigations.

Explorers Missions Status

  • Astro-H
    Launch Date: November 2015
    Phase C/D: Design & Development
  • GOLD
    Launch Date: 2017
    Phase B: Preliminary Design & Technology Development
  • ICON
    Launch Date: June 2017
    Phase B: Preliminary Design & Technology Development
    Launch Date: August 2016
    Phase B: Preliminary Design & Technology Development
  • TESS
    Launch Date: August 2017
    Phase B: Preliminary Design & Technology Development
  • For all Explorers Missions

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